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Whether you are looking for pursuing career in Makeup Industry or want to brush up your Skills or want to learn Makeup for enhancing your looks or you want to know the best use of Makeup Products to write a Blog, we have well-outlined Master Classes for you to Master Makeup and bring the knowledge and techniques learned into action with full awareness and open mind.

At FACE DESIGNEIRY, we exchange love for Makeup with you offering Long and Short Certified Professional Makeup Courses running throughout the year. If you want to become a Master in Makeup Artistry and gain complete knowledge in Makeup at different levels, we suggest you to opt for our 6 weeks Diploma Course. Our courses are integration of demonstration and intense practice session every single day with inclusion of multiple photo-shoots by beauty photographers to help you build your portfolio. Our Makeup Academy in Indore, located in central part of India, make it feasible for everyone to reach.

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PRO Makeup Masterclass

from 4th February 2019


3 Weeks Makeup Masterclass (Short-term)

6 Weeks Complete Makeup Masterclass (Long-term)

8 Weeks Complete Makeup and Hair Masterclass (Long-term)

1 Week Professional Hair Designing course

Personal Makeup Course

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