Makeup your Man wants to see You in!


Looking for a formula to woo your beau?

Here it is: “Least is More!”
The lesser you apply makeup on, the better you look! When I thought of writing this article, I ended up conducting a small research about the kind of makeup men like. Out of the research, we got to know every guy has different a view, but all of them had one thing in common and that is, bare minimal makeup with or without only one feature of your face enhanced! So, girls keep reading if you want to sweep your man off his feet!

  1. Uber Natural

Well, this particular look is sexiest of all for him as he hates a woman whose life is dictated by her appearance. It sounds cliché, but men like it when you are confident about your skin and do not need a foundation to cover up.

To achieve the look, apply a tinted moisturizer/ BB cream exactly matching to your skin tone. Slather on some transparent mascara tinted peachy lip balm and voila you are done!

  1. Kohl Eyes

They say, Eyes are the window to the Soul! If your beau loves your almond shaped peepers, define them with kohl, especially when you have got honey, deep brown, blue, hazel, green or grey eyes.

To achieve this look, outline your eyes with colour-stay blackest black eye pencil or gel eyeliner. Take a brush and smudge it on the outline itself blending it upwards. Add dollops of mascara. Keep rest of the face bare for maximum impact. Let your eyes do the talking!

  1. Subdued it is

Trying to go completely flawless will make him see layers of foundation on your skin. Instead try to draw attention away from freckles/scars but enhancing your eyes and lips.

Light on eyes and light on lips creates a balance between them, bringing out your natural beauty.

To achieve this look outline your eyes with a golden; peachy or grey shadow, throw on voluminous mascara on upper and lower lashes. Line the lower rim of your eyes with a white pencil instead of black (which most of women do). Slather on some glittery nude gloss on lips and skin illuminator on apples of cheeks.

  1. Dewy Skin

Matt Makeup makes him feel your natural skin is hidden under layers of foundation!

To achieve this look mix tiny amount of your foundation with skin oils or moisturizer. This will cover up your skin slightly and give you dewy finish. Apply slight amount of loose powder all over your face. Go for light and neutral colour shadow on eyes like grey; gold; silver; copper and pale or nude colour on lips. The purpose of keeping eyes and lips neutral and subdued is to draw attention more on the sparkly dewy skin.


The key here is to spray rose water or “Fix it” (available in different brends) on your face and neck. This particular product hydrates your skin and makes it shine all the more!

  1. Rosy Cheeks

Rouge on the apples of the cheeks can make you look years younger! While, men love a hint of rouge on cheeks and lips.

In winters, use a cream blusher. Just dab a small quantity on apples of cheeks and blend it towards the temples keeping the color on the apples itself. A cream blusher in winters will add a dewy glow on your face plus will retain the skin oils. While apply a matt powder blusher in summers. It creates a matt smooth texture on cheeks this will absorb the extra skin oils as well.

  1. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are mischievous and sexy! Men find it very luscious and sultry. When going out in the dark, this look is to die for!

The achieve this look, outline your eyes with a black eye pencil. Apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner working towards the inner corner. Apply a grey shadow or a shadow of your choice like brown, gold, silver, pastel..anything in the innermost corner. Blend in the two shadows and add dollops of mascara!

Add bronzer underneath your cheek bones to make your cheekbones stand out. Keep rest of the face nude and subtle!


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