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Shruti Bhatt works with a combination of shadows, lights, colour and form and it is this combination that has made her an esteemed make up artist. She is listed as one of the Top 10 make up artists in India. Doing what she does the best, she has showcased a make up look that is every girl’s fantasy and hair that is chic and easy to carry. Soft, yet fiery coral tones melt into metallic tones, thus accentuating those eyelids.

Opt for quiet sophistication as hemlines hit the floor. Demure, yet sexy, sheer blouses meet prom skirts, evoking a gentle femininity. This is how a girl does evening wear. Our brains are hardwired to react to red – the colour of intense passion. We dare you to dazzle in ruby red, and not feel sexy.


This ensemble is from Kaleido by Priyanka Munot. It is her pure craftsmanship and masterful colour selection that deserves kudos.

Wearing Priyanka Munot is ecstatic and it calls for perfection in the way you pull it off. You cannot really complete a perfect ensemble without perfect make up.

About the Look

This party season, twinkle bright by adding a hint of glitter to your make up . With shimmery eyeshadows, iridescent lip colours and illuminators, you’ll be ready to shine at any party.

Metallic eyeshadows in beautiful shades of platinum are a mainstay.But just one shade doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. So, we smoke our eyelids with coral. Peach lips look so innocent but creates a fury of innate naughty. Here we unveil the products that have been used to get this magnificent look-

Skin- Flawless skin by Chanel Vita Lumiere

Eyes- Powder Eyeshadows by Modern Renaissance Palatte by Anastasia

Lips- Taupe by Mac and Rich & Restless Liquid Lipper. Topped it up with Lip Glass by Mac

Blush- Chanel, Reflex 82

Illuminate- Bobbi Brown Brick

When you come as a party, you don’t know whether to go for a sophisticated or a bold look. Now that you can get the best of both worlds, go ahead and dance up a storm without a worry.

Shop this look at Face Designery by Shruti Bhatt(Make up Artist) and Priyanka Munot(Attire)


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