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Everybody wants to rock the ramp with their look whether it’s a Bride, Corporate Woman or Teenager. But WAIT, to design a face it’s not just about having a liner, a foundation or compact and a lip colour alone. A Makeup Artist needs a whopping amount of makeup products and tools in their kit. For clients […]

Girls, ready for holiyay??  Wait wait wait, did you leave something behind? Seems, your luggage bag corner is empty, grab one of our favourite Brush Kit now! You don’t have to collect makeup brushes one by one differently and going crazy about thinking which ones to buy first. Small Brush Kits are available that you […]

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Current days, crazy Lip numbers are available for your beautiful lips in variety of shades which adds to your beauty and personality & gives you a confident look BUT BUT BUT here are some of our faves and definitely Hottest Lipcolours to get you groovin’….take a look! 1.K-Dub by KatVon D It gives a matte […]